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The bottom-line goal of Sales Skills Development is to grow revenue

That’s what selling is mostly all about. There are many ways to go about growing revenue and/or improving margins. When considering building capability of your sales team through a learning initiative, then here are some key tips to get the best outcomes of your sales learning initiatives, workshops or modular programmes to help grow revenue. […]

In a business world that is facing continued disruption, changes and challenges, how do Leaders succeed?

I work with leaders and teams in business and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a need for emerging and existing leaders to master new skills and mindset due to a rapidly increasing change the business world is going through. Technological advancements create disruptions, businesses and corporations are becoming leaner and flatter, new […]

10 Leadership Lessons from Inspiring Leaders in History

Whether at home or at the workplace or in pursuit of our passion, we all want to become better leaders. But what does it take to get there? What allows great leaders to overcome hardship, build great teams and innovate radical solutions to challenging situations? Often, the best lessons can be learned from history. All […]

The Biggest Kept Secrets To Increasing Employee Engagement As A Leader

I walked into the office of a client and I could instantly feel a low level of energy and morale in the office. The air was thick with uncertainty, change fatigue and employees sitting in clustered groups of their functions, whilst other teams weren’t connected at all. The office energy was low with little talking, laughter or […]

6 Must Know Secrets For Leaders – Building A “High Performing” Team

Just assembling a group of people together does not make a team. Generally, positive team experiences are a rarity. If you have been part of a high performing team, you are probably waiting to replicate the same team situation. The way to building a high performing, predictable team is to understand the common characteristics of […]

7 Must-Do Tips For Leaders when Conducting OTJ training

Often organizations invest huge amounts in training and development and yet fail to show the expected results. Here are 7 tips to successfully deliver on the job training lead by a leader.  These will help support your employee learning experience to be more effective and easily transferable.  Situations where on the job learning occurs could […]

How To Create A Learning Culture Through Leaders

Transform your leaders and/or managers into effective high performing coaches! Traditionally, coaching has been treated as part of leadership development program. However, there has been a shift towards integrating coaching with talent management processes and making it a foundation for corporate culture. For instance, when coaching is used as part of talent management processes such […]

Increase Employee Performance And Profits In 90 days

Follow the 5 Laws of Coaching listed below and you’ll recognize that coaching is likely the most effective way to build employee engagement, skills, motivation, performance and profits. While there are other ways to build skills, such as external or internal training, most of them will require a significant level of resources. The resources required […]

8 Core Essential Qualities of High Performing Leaders

  What are the essential qualities and characteristics of a high performing leader? That’s simple to answer isn’t it? No! Not as simple as we think. But aren’t we all leaders on some level, in life, in our roles, our families, for our teams. It seems that high performing leaders are hard to find on […]