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Self Leadership -

Self Leadership

My Leadership Identity

Audience: This workshop is designed for emerging, new and existing leaders

Being an authentic leader today is essential to building high engagement, performance and passion in individuals and teams you lead.

The first step is to understand your identity as a leader.  This programme provides deep insights into you as a Leader

Workshop Outline

  • Defining the purpose of Leadership – What is Leadership
  • Design your own Leadership Map and identity
  • Recognise your personal behaviour patterns that underpin your leadership behaviours
  • Understand your values and beliefs that drive your behaviour
  • Identifying your Assumptions and Beliefs as a Leader

Pre-workshop activity

  • Complete an online questionnaire on Leadership
  • Includes a One on one coaching debrief - Your results of Leadership Style and Behaviours profile report

Public Workshop - 1/2 Day - Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm, Inquire about how we can deliver in house and tailor.

Programme Segments

Leadership Profile
Leadership Beliefs
Values and Assumptions
Leadership Identity