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In a business world that is facing continued disruption, changes and challenges, how do Leaders succeed?

I work with leaders and teams in business and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a need for emerging and existing leaders to master new skills and mindset due to a rapidly increasing change the business world is going through. Technological advancements create disruptions, businesses and corporations are becoming leaner and flatter, new […]

6 Must Know Secrets For Leaders – Building A “High Performing” Team

Just assembling a group of people together does not make a team. Generally, positive team experiences are a rarity. If you have been part of a high performing team, you are probably waiting to replicate the same team situation. The way to building a high performing, predictable team is to understand the common characteristics of […]

7 Must-Do Tips For Leaders when Conducting OTJ training

Often organizations invest huge amounts in training and development and yet fail to show the expected results. Here are 7 tips to successfully deliver on the job training lead by a leader. ┬áThese will help support your employee learning experience to be more effective and easily transferable. ┬áSituations where on the job learning occurs could […]

How To Create A Learning Culture Through Leaders

Transform your leaders and/or managers into effective high performing coaches! Traditionally, coaching has been treated as part of leadership development program. However, there has been a shift towards integrating coaching with talent management processes and making it a foundation for corporate culture. For instance, when coaching is used as part of talent management processes such […]