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V.I.P Programme -

For new, emerging and existing leaders

The Leaders Learning Journey

Fast track your leader's  success and achievements through creating a clear line of sight to their organisational Vision, and executing through an effective plan that navigates the team at an accelerated pace to  achieve the outcomes well within the timelines.

This programme is modular, can be delivered in any order and has a strong coaching element for the leaders

Vision is the “Y” of your team, it drives their actions and daily focus, the “Y” activates passions and purpose!


A successful team is a team that is aligned to a strong VISION.

  • Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school, not once…not twice…but three times. And no matter what obstacle or roadblock, he had a vision that kept him moving forward to make it a reality.
  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Walt Disney had a vision!! And today children and adults alike experience the reality of his vision world wide.

The Power of Vision

Vision and strategy are both important, but there is a priority to them. Vision always comes first. Always. If you have a clear vision, you will eventually design the right strategy to achieve your vision.  If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.

Three Dimensions To A Leaders Success


 A leader needs to set a clear Vision,  clarity of strategy, direction and purpose, with specific outcomes,   In today’s connected world, teams seek meaning and relevance to purpose in their roles.


A Leader requires the skills, acumen and confidence to influence and encourage their team to achieve the Vision.  Intentional Leadership is both a mindset and skill set and at the heart of this powerful  program.


Create time bound, realistic tactical plans.   Tactical planning and actions are developed to execute on the vision and strategy.  Based on priorities, this process will help leaders and their teams navigate to achieve outcomes.

Outcomes and Takeaways

This program is modular, has a strong coaching element and can be tailored to your current business and people demands”.

Learning Outcomes

  • Clarity and focus with a strategic plan ready to implement
  • Strength in the Essential Leadership Skills
  • An increase awareness of individual Leadership  values, qualities and attributes
  • Design a tactical plan with three pillars of actions and accountability for your team aligned to your strategic plan
  • Listed the 4 streams of activity that underpin actualising your  Vision as a Leader
  • Understand the top 7 habits of effective Leaders
  • Implement a time plan for milestone reviews
  • Clarity of a winning business rhythm that works

Flexible delivery

  • 3 modules over a nominated timeframe
  • One day  Intensive workshop
  • 4 hour blocks of learning,
  • 4 x 1 hr cohort coaching sessions (can be webinar based)

The Journey

Module 1: Inspiring Vision and Purpose

  • Clarity of Strategic Planning and your team or business objectives
  • Set up your priorities matrix
  • Clarity and development of your 4 streams of success to achieve your vision and objectives
  • Understand the 5 stages of Change and Change Management principles

Module 2: Leadership Style, Identify and Skills

  • Defining the purpose of Leadership and finding your WHY.
  • Distinctions of Leadership vs Managing
  • Design your own Leadership Map
  • Understand behaviour drivers
  • Identifying your Assumptions and Beliefs as a Leader
  • Understand your own Leadership Style through leadership Behaviours profile
  • Coaching your team to success - skills and tools
  • 8 Core Essential Qualities of a high performing Leader

Module 3: Design a Strategic and Tactical Plan

  • Creating your Blueprint – Strategic and tactical Plan Mapping
  • Set Priority actions
  • Goal setting, rocks, pebbles and sand
  • Locking down your first 90 Day action plan

Implementation Coaching - 8 Cohort  Sessions
Eight coaching sessions throughout the Learning Journey to sustain implementation, new habits and achievement of strategic or team objectives (based on duration of programme delivery).